Tour to Chernobyl: peculiarities of traveling through the ghost town

Tour to Chernobyl: features of traveling through the ghost townToday, the exclusion zone near Chernobyl is not a closed territory. More and more tourists visit the unusual place, experiencing mixed feelings from the city that does not exist. It’s like getting into a deserted portal or finding yourself in the middle of the scenery of an edgy movie. Once a thriving city, today it is attracted by its lifelessness. What do you need to know when going on a tour to Chernobyl? Let’s explore together.

Why the city, which in the late 80s of the last century left the inhabitants, today attracts visitors from all over the world? Ghost towns are interesting because they seem to be there, but all the infrastructure is missing. There are signs of settlements, houses, there are high-rises, but there is no life in them.

It is interesting that in the early 80’s in the administrative center of Chernobyl district lived more than 48 thousand people. Today, the city has preserved the developed infrastructure, parks and streets. But! They are completely empty. Houses with black windows and deaf echoes instead of the joyful sounds of life…. Due to the famous events of 1986, the city was contaminated with radionuclides, and the residents were forced to leave their place of residence in a hurry.

A tour to Chernobyl is a walk through the so-called exclusion zone. The organization of this trip should be entrusted to professionals. As every trip to unusual places, the trip requires attention and observance of the rules. Professional guides will tell you how to behave and how to visit an interesting peculiarity of the city.
Chernobyl tour of interesting places: what to see

“The most unusual place on Earth” – this is how Forbes magazine defined Chernobyl and the 30-km zone around the city. A trip to the unusual geolocation will not take much time. The distance from Kiev to Chernobyl is 115 km. The route includes a drive to additional places of interest, including:

  • Pripyat;
  • the classified “Arc”;
  • Chernobyl;
  • amusement park;
  • visit to the nuclear power plant, etc.

It is worth visiting the city of Pripyat at the beginning of the tour. Inspection of houses, parks, amusement parks and the stadium, which has not been used for its intended purpose for 45 years. Emotions from such a walk through the dead city are unusual and cause a lot of reflection on the consequence of not careful attitude of man to the forces of nature.

Tour to Chernobyl – Ukraine

“Duga”. This is the name of the former secret facility. It is a mysterious place of receiving signals to launch intercontinental missiles. A strategic object of the Soviet period, which could not be dismantled like other similar ones. The exclusion zone has made a difference here, too.

The company Go2chernobyl has been organizing excursions to Chernobyl for more than 8 years: tourism around the abandoned city will bring you a lot of new impressions. During this time the tour operator has formed a staff of experienced guides who work not only with Ukrainian, but also with foreign tourists. Go2chernobyl is proven routes and safety. Well, the cost of tours of the company – significantly lower than the market. Choose your tour (Chernobyl):

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  • group.

Your safety and comfort is the main concern and guarantee from Go2chernobyl.

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