Methods of Alcohol Dependence Treatment in Modern Clinics

Modern psychiatric clinics are institutions with adapted treatment methods that are currently used to eliminate psychiatric diseases and disorders.

Korsakov S.S. Clinic is one of such institutions. Here are you have the opportunity to get not just professional help, and timely correct diagnosis. Individual approach to each patient allows you to choose the most appropriate method of treatment.

Main characteristics of alcohol addiction

Here it is very important to understand that alcoholism is a disease with a psychological factor. The weak psyche of a person is very susceptible to any influence. Bad company, various kinds of difficulties and trouble with a close or relative – this is the first thing that will cause a craving for alcoholic beverages.

Methods of treatment of alcohol addiction, used in the clinic Korsakov S.S., allow to choose for each patient individually the most suitable methodology. But at the same time it is very important timely treatment of the patient himself. The deeper the neglected state, the more difficult and lengthy the treatment process will be.

Repeated cases of deeply neglected alcoholism have led to the fact that patients need round-the-clock narcological help. Such a service is provided by specialists of the Korsakov S.S. Clinic at a high level of efficiency and anonymity.

Basic and progressive methods of alcoholism treatment

When applying to the clinic, the patient and his relatives should understand the complexity and, at the same time, the need for treatment. Irresponsible attitude to the disease and treatment already at a severe form of the disease, will require the use of serious methods or a combination of them. Everything will depend on each individual case.

To the main, the most progressive methods of treatment of alcoholism in the clinic of psychiatry Korsakov S.S. should be attributed:

  • Procedures with a psychotherapeutic bias. The methods of psychotherapy, selected by the specialists of the institution, will help to change the patient’s attitude to alcoholic beverages. Subsequently, this will affect the quality and meaning of his life
  • Hypnosis is an old method, which in turn involves the use of modern techniques to work with the subconscious mind of a person. A certain number of sessions at the subconscious level forms a blockade to alcohol and the feeling of euphoria after it.
  • The medication method is a rather serious therapy, which involves the use of a number of medications with intramuscular injection of drugs. Drugs of this kind get rid of the feeling of getting high by acting as blockers in the body.
  • Implantation is a technique that is used in severe forms of the disease. It involves implantation of a special capsule under the skin of the patient, which, if alcohol gets into the bloodstream, will cause unpleasant reactions: choking, vomiting, diarrhoea and so on. Such manifestations cause fear for their lives, which accordingly leads to refusal of alcohol.
  • Combined therapy. A technique in which several treatment methods are applied in parallel. As a rule, these are therapeutic procedures with medications. The right approach and the number of sessions allow you to direct the patient to the right path of recovery and soon return to society.

In any case, the complexity and duration of treatment depends on the patient and his relatives, who made a timely decision to eliminate this problem.

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