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No matter how many new shops open in big or small towns, the second hand industry is unlikely to ever lose its relevance. However, to open a really good shop, which will have regular customers, good turnover of goods, profit, you need to know where to buy things and how to expand the range – with this question will help our company.

Features of our company and joint co-operation

If you are looking for where to buy things second hand wholesale, want to open a shop in this direction and actively develop it, our Avatar Trading House at your service. We have a large range of things, the best offers from different categories and in different price policy.

Pay attention to the training centre, which is organised on the basis of our organisation. Here company owners can take free trainings, seminars, learn the subtleties of this industry and sales in this direction. That is, in addition to things of declared quality and condition, which you can buy from us, you will get the opportunity to undergo training, to improve your knowledge.

We offer second hand from Europe in bulk, which you can buy in a few clicks on our website from such categories:

  • Original;
  • First category;
  • First category + Extra;
  • Extra;
  • Cream;
  • Brand;
  • Vintage.

All goods are sold in batches, each batch has a video description where you can see what exactly you are buying.

On the territory of Russia we have 6 large warehouses with over 500 tonnes of stock. We systematically update the assortment so that customers choose the goods they like and fit.

Our site is a find where you can buy second hand wholesale from Europe, America and other countries. If you have any questions, you can contact us on the phone number listed on the site or messengers, where you will be answered by experienced managers, help you pick and advise you on all matters.

Also we have a service of free delivery – it is a field trade. On the site there is a list of cities where we will send cars with the goods, you agree on the necessary items you would like to buy and make an application. Arriving at the specified time, you will be able to view things before buying. This is one of the effective mechanisms how to reduce costs and, at the same time, buy good things for your business.

Co-operation with Avatar Trading House is an excellent solution for the development of your second hand shop.

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