7 Reasons for Poverty

labuda.blog – What are the main causes of poverty? Is it that your job does not give you a decent income? Or is it that your bosses are always nagging you and cutting your salary? Maybe the state is to blame, or close people who do not support you in time, or even the evil fate, which you can only submit to?

We often look for reasons of our failures and financial insolvency in what surrounds us, forgetting that usually the main reasons lie in ourselves. We are the ones who structure our lives in such a way that we become either successful and rich or poor and unhappy.

You will be surprised, but some of the causes of poverty we simply do not notice, they have become a habit, which we can eradicate.

What are the causes of poverty really

What prevents us from being rich like others? What limits income when it is no longer possible to “break” the ceiling? Let’s start with the fact that it is more of a psychological background, because history knows cases when people with a difficult fate and low financial situation achieved incredible heights.

So to deal with financial problems should definitely start with your own psychological attitudes. Let’s begin.

You have the wrong attitude towards money

“Money is evil, so you should get rid of it” – this is how poor people often argue their inability to handle finances, to which we will return a little later. If you think that money is evil, misfortune, trouble, it will never want to come to your hands.

It is worth to understand once and for all that money is neither good nor evil, it has no such characteristic. It is only a tool, which in skilful hands begins to work, and in inept hands – remains a soulless object.

You think the rich are crooks

When someone lives better than us, richer, happier, we start to think how the wealth got into their hands. Do you think that person got what they have by hard work, blood and sweat, so to speak?

No, most poor people are sure that financially independent people came to their fortune by deceit, fraud, theft and other unflattering ways. Naturally, this attitude will not lead you to wealth, and happiness or peace in life will not add.

You are used to envy other people’s successes

This habit is not too pleasant and characterize you not from the best side. Envy exhausts you, deprives you of strength and aspirations, prevents you from achieving your own successes. When you look at more successful people and envy, you can not look at things objectively and learn what teaches someone else’s positive experience.

In short, if you look at others, it’s only to learn more about how to become rich and successful yourself, not to get angry about other people’s achievements.

You tend to feel sorry for yourself

Theoretically, everyone can feel sorry for themselves from time to time, the only question is how exactly you do it. Imagine this situation: you have had an accident, small or big, how long will you babysit it?

Poor people very often take to feeling sorry for themselves, replaying the situation over and over in their heads, shedding impotent tears. It is out of the question to continue moving towards their goal! After all, it can lead to new failures, new troubles.

Successful people do not dwell on their failures, but transcend them. They know that no path excludes difficulties, they are inevitable, and therefore it is important to endure them honourably, taking them as another experience.

You do not make savings

Knowing how to manage financial flows is an art that can be learnt, however. Tracking expenses and income, building a reserve, creating a safety cushion, saving – all of these belong to the basics of financial literacy.

If there is no knowledge of these basics, no wonder you are perpetually short of money and in poverty. Before blaming someone else for your situation, try to sort out your own actions first.

And it is better to start by creating savings. A small amount put aside in a separate account immediately after your salary, after a while will begin to please with its size, and you will be more confident to meet life’s adversities, knowing that you have a financial reserve.

You tend to live beyond your means

Loans and debts are the bane of modern man. The desire to demonstrate status, which is not in the past, the desire to appear wealthier and richer often pushes people to not wait and not save, and buy quickly on credit.

The pleasure of such a purchase will not last long, but to pay for what you could not afford, will have to pay for a very long time.

The presence of loans indicates that the level of your financial literacy is far from ideal. In order not to seem, but to be, it is worth learning to live within your means, increasing your income, not borrowing from banks.

You do not want to develop and improve yourself

Most low-income people breathe a sigh of relief the moment they get their hands on a diploma of education. It does not matter whether it was college, technical school or university – the main thing is that school is over and adult life begins.

And this is one of the most pernicious misconceptions! A successful, rich person never stops learning, he will always find new, interesting, relevant. And those who remain at the level of standard education, will never be able to reach heights in their career, because knowledge is inherently outdated over time.

How to eradicate poverty? Let’s watch this video!

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